Great Drill Bits Co., Ltd. founded in 2010, speciallized in processing research of steel and diamond materials, is involved in the R&D, design, production and sales of petroleum equipment, up to now we have being the top material supplier of CNPC, SINOPEC, CNOOC. We have a 40,000 m² of production based in Hebei Hejian provincial development zone...

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Double Rows

The maximum local cutters equivalent density, improve the offensive and abrasive resistance of the bit in hard and abrasive formation.

PDC Updrill
Brazing high quality PDC cutters at specific angle, when resistance during trip-out and back reaming in easy shrinking interval, it can effectively remove the obstacles, protect the bit body from harm.

K-Cuttering Structure for Hard Plastic Formation

Unique designing parameters and lengthening insert crest enlarge rock-breaking volume at the bottom hole and increase bottom hole coverage and increase ROP of the bit in hard plastic formation.

Y- Conical-spherical Inserts

If bit is equipped with conical-spherical inserts as main cutting elements, then the bit is suitable for drilling in hard and brittle formations.

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